Mundo - Awesome stories - Part 4

These Are the 20 Most Popular Dance Movies Of All Time

There are some movies that just make your feet move by their own. Some of them were not even successful, however, there are some signature songs, moves or phrases we will never forget.


These People Took Their Hello Kitty Obsession To A Whole New Level

Hello Kitty creators were just thinking of inventing a cute little cat. Do you think they knew how far Hello Kitty lovers could take it?


The best snow sculptures you’ll ever see!

One of the best things about wintertime is making snow sculptures, right? Here we are sharing the most spectacular snow sculptures of all times. Do you think you can even do something similar to these?


Celebrities and their amazing Animal Doppelgangers

There is another kind of lookalike that do not seek fame and requires a bit more imagination; have you heard of animals that look like celebrities? They really do!


This is what celebrities looked like BEFORE being famous

People often change over the years but celebrities change even more. Check out this pictures, they’ll surprise you more than you think. 


Tattoos that went horribly wrong

Something permanent is in a stranger’s hands. The thing is that in most of the cases, you do not know the person who can make things go wrong. Here we are going to show you tattoos that went horribly wrong. Check it out!


These Photos Will Drive People With OCD Crazy

We all have a little of that obsessive-compulsive disorder. However, some of us have developed it more than others. Here, we are going to show you the best OCD situations in different pictures.


The World’s strangest beaches you’ll ever see… they’re BEAUTIFUL!

Reading a book while listening to quiet music, getting tanned or maybe staying in the shade. Wearing your favorite swim suit, taking your flip flops for a walk. Here we’re going to show you the best beaches in the whole world.


The Most ADORABLE Photos of Babies in Costume

Sometimes babies can be the most adorable creatures on earth. They can be especially adorable, if their parents put them in a cute costume, right?