Mundo - Awesome stories - Part 6

The Most Viral And Interesting News Stories Around The World


Personality types of students in a classroom

It is impossible not noticing how people act in a classroom, in a few weeks we are going to know who is every people at the place, and every person will be remembered for their personality. These are some of the great personalities we can find in a classroom. Which one are you?


The most surreal natural phenomena on Earth

Nature never stopped surprisig us, even when whe had made many bad things to Earth too mcuh. These pictures are showing us some of the phenomena that Planet is offering us, creating incredibles views and scenarios, it’s hard to explaing those magical spots.


Daughter of a Russian photographer discovered old photos of the Soviet Union in Attic

Masha Vorontsova was a Russian artist, who helped to boost the photograpic movement of Leningrado during 1960 to 1980 and her work was recognized after her death. She enjoyed too much photographing people, specially in that era of mystery and pain, and recording was prohibited. All these photographs which were taken by Masha Ivashintsova were […]


The best career for you based on your personality type

If we don’t have any idea about what we want to became or what we want to have in our future is a hard time becuase everyone asks you but you haven’t decided what is the best for you.


Funny photos of online shopping fails

Nowadays online shopping has became so popular that all the people around the world buy different products that are going to arrive to their homes and without any doubt that’s the greatest thing, because we don’t leave our bed to go out and buy the things.


These pictures prove that huskies are the coolest dogs

This beautiful dog is recognizable by its thickly fured doubled coat, erect triangular ears and distinctive markings. Don’t be afraid if they are big, they are totally sweet and lovely.


A fake neighborhood to hide Boeing B 17 Bomber factory

It was a really small neighborhood which had buildings that were just 4 feet tall and were made of wood to complete the illusion of a neighborhood that was covering about 26 acres.


Insane optical illusions that will blow your mind

The world is full of optical illusions and some things are not the same way as they appear to be.


Proof that Keanu Reeves is the coolest actor in Hollywood

The hollywood star has surprised us with his pictures that have been on the Internet, even an account on Twitter was created and was called Keanu Doing things. He is always doing common things, the same as the rest of people could be doing.