Mundo - Awesome stories - Part 6

The keyboard combinations that you did not know existed!

No need to have anything open Win button serves more than just to open the start menu We will show you all the combinations you can do with the start button and the variety of functions you can perform with it.


Meaning of body language, we will help you to understand people better

Many times we move several times without realizing it. We send messages to those around us showing  what we think or how we do not feel, which is why it is difficult to hide our feelings. Here, we will give you body language explanations, helping you to have a better understanding of people around you and yourself.


Ancient images taken before and after the sinking of the Titanic

The RMS Titanic was a British liner, the largest ship in the world at the end of its construction, which sank on the night of 14 a.m. on April 15, 1912 during its inaugural trip from Southampton to New York. Among his passengers were the wealthiest people of that time and several Irish, British and […]


Celebrities that fall in love in movie sets

These celebrities found their ideal partner while they interpreted their characters for a movie, creating a true chemistry, and although not all of them are still together, they managed to connect us with these romantic stories. Love can be felt in sets, what is your favorite couple?


Meet the actors of Stranger Things in their daily lives

Learn what Stranger Things actor’s do and how they are in their real lives outside the camera and set. Ready for the new season?


The top things you can’t miss if you are visiting Disney World

Disney, the place where dreams come true. All the lights, its colors, Mickey Mouse, Minnie mouse, all of the Disney Movies and characters and so many things you’ll always remember! Here we are sharing some things that you can’t miss if you’re visiting Disney World.


Bottoms up! These are 20 of the weirdest drinks in the world

We all love trying new things and have a weird attraction to somethings that that do not even sound tempting. We made our research and we don’t know why but for some reason, these weird drinks were invented and apparently, they are popular.


We’ll show you some of the most colorful spots in America

Visiting happy places makes as happier people, that is why, we are going to show you the most colorful places in the US.


A look at some of the most Famous Filmakers and their Insane filmmaking methods

Some directors have weird ways of directing their crew members! Check how they manage to get their masterpieces done.