Mundo - Awesome stories - Part 2

The Most Viral And Interesting News Stories Around The World


Back tattoo designs that will make you want a back tattoo

These are some ideas for back tattoos, keeping that simplicity, with great designs and a little minimalism, because less is more. Take a look, maybe you can find one that means a little for you, you can also take these ideas and create your own.


Cute babies cuddling with their pets

Watching photos of ourselves as kids is something really sweet and fun, and we see how small we were, it is really hard to imagine that once we were so sweet and small. Sujata Setia is a photographer who enjoys taking photos of babies and their pets during these sweet momemts.


Ryan Reynolds opens up about battle with anxiety

Ryan Reynolds is a Canadian actor who is well known for his role as anti-hero Deadpool in Marvel movies. Ryan started talking about anxious after having a batttle with anxiety, even if it is really difficult to imagine, because he is a really great person who is also hilarious, he admits that he has been having this problem since he was young.


After cleaning everything is just different

If you thought that cleaning was totally disturbing and boring, this professional machines are so great that the things are unrecognizable after washing them and the things looks as if these were never used before.


Minimalist designs, why less is more

For those people who enjoys minimaslism, less is more, for them esthetic and using less space is better. They don’t need too many things to decorate or having a great space to have people’s attention. Without any doubt, these objects are making us feel as if there was too much space. These objects were designed […]


Travel couple are paid to travel around the world and blogging

Imagine traveling around the world with the person you love, and making it a job and getting paid for it, that is what Hannah Spelled and Nick Noordijk did. They record their travels and adventures and share them on instragram, their username is Salt in Our Hair, getting to do many collaborations and creating content for social media which they work for.


Adorable before and after photos of dogs growing up

These before and after photos are showing us how much these dogs have grown after having too many moments with owners and even if they are bigger they keep doing he same things.


why do most men dislike shopping with women

These photos show us what men have to do, when they go shopping, and definetely this is not their favorite activity. It is better to look for comfy chairs to sit because they are going to take too much time to decide which outfit is the best.


Amazing side by side pictures of parents and their children at the same age

Even if sometimes we do not want to accept that we look like our parents or grandparents, people always notice. It can be really amazing how much people can look alike and we can notice this on some pictures of our granparents, aunts or parents when they were younger and to recreate these pcitures to notice how amazing is genetics.