Mundo - Awesome stories - Part 2

Old photographs that show us the funny side of people

Although in these pictures no one smiled, some of them were taken seconds later and show us that it was not like that at all. These are some pictures that will show you the happy side of that people.


Life hacks that will make your life a lot easier!

Check these new ways of exploiting your stuff to the maximum. Here we are going to share new ways of reusing them that will make your life easier!


The Coolest And Weirdest Flowers On Earth… Yes, They’re Real!

When we think of flowers, we think of colorful, aromatic, beautiful living beings. Would you believe me if I tell you that there is one that looks exactly like a skull? Or that there is another one that looks like red lips? If you don’t, just see it by yourself!


20 cool, non-typical things to do in New York!

Who doesn’t love New York? I mean it’s a “concrete jungle where dreams are made of” if you ask Alicia Keys. Here we are going to share some of the non-typical things to do in New York, hope it helps you!


Stunning augmented photographs will show you every detail

The pictures we’ll show you were taken by the winners of the 2017 Nikon Photography competition. Are you ready to watch them closely?


The Cutest Photos Of Babies And Dogs… Ever!

Sometimes we think of dogs near children and we frighten out. However, we don’t know that dogs are baby’s first best friend. I truly love the mix of these two!


This Couple takes the most Insanely Breathtaking Photos

We are all humans cut with the same knife. We are all afraid, the only thing is who is willing to overcome that fear and take the risk. This couple definitely overtook that risk to take these AMAZING photos.


Amazing photos of Paths and Trails that will enchant you

We are going to share with you some of the most incredible paths in the whole world! I guess you never thought of them as a beautiful thing but they remind me of fairy tales.


Real places that look like they’re taken from a fairy tale

Although we do not believe it, there are some places on earth that very few have the opportunity to know. Take a look at these incredible locations taken from a fairy tale that will surely leave you with your mouth opened.