Mundo - Awesome stories - Part 2

Funny pictures show us what would happen if Darth Vader runs out of work

These funny pictures show us what would happen to Darth Vader if he lost his job as a villain in the Star Wars franchise. It’s time to try new jobs.


Celebrities who managed to overshadow the success of their older brothers

The younger brothers of these celebrities have been able to take advantage of their older brother’s fame, combining it with their talent, opening several doors in that incredible world.


Leaving high school did not stop these celebrities from achieving success

You need to have a lot of talent and passion to be able to stand out from the cameras and these celebrities know this very well. They decided to leave high school to be able to dedicate themselves to what they are most passionate about.


The most watched YouTube videos in history

These are the videos with the most views of all time, reaching a massive reproduction around the world due to the great acceptance of the public.


This is how they managed to make special effects in old movies

Nowadays, we have all kinds of programs, allowing animation and creation of scenes with special effects that are very easy to carry out. This, was not that easy just a few years ago.


Old technology that we have stopped using

These are some devices that we stopped using completely and seemed very modern 10 years ago. If you do not remember having used any of these, you are probably very young!


Addicted to technology? These helpful tips will help you cut out your technology addiction

We are losing the opportunity to enjoy some activities outdoors without starring at the screen. We need to change that ASAP! Here are some helpful tips to try and stop your technology addiction.


20 interesting facts you probably didn’t know about FRIENDS

It was a great way of describing good relationships and it was a cool series to watch in your leisure time. Here, we are going to share some things you probably didn’t know about FRIENDS!


Don’t worry, be happy! 20 tips to defeat that bad mood

You should be careful with it so that your bad humor doesn’t affect others or even you. Here we are going to share some tips to overcome bad mood! Hope they work for you as they did for me!