Mundo - Awesome stories - Part 7

The Most Viral And Interesting News Stories Around The World


Lucky people that miraculously escaped disaster

These people are having such a lucky day, and they saved themselves from horrible situations and we would think that destiny may helped them to have a better day.


Pets adorable reactions when they realized they were going to the vet

They may hate us but is the best way to keep them safe and healthy. Here are some adorable reactions to dogs realizing that they are going to that one place they dislike the most.


Beautiful landscapes that nature give us, just amazing!

Even when we see these incredibles places with our own eyes we can’t believe  that they a real and these places exist, they are just perfectly made by nature. These landscapes are beautiful, full of color and textures, and are able to susprise us.


Hilarious roller coaster reactions, people are so creative

The best thing about roller coasters is when we get off of them and then we want to see our faces in those images that captured the exact moment that we are not going to forget. Many paeople make a big effort to have an incredible picture of themselves and they start being creative.


This is the way touristic places look from another perspective

Not many people know or not all of them have had the chance to look them from another perspective and these pictures show us everything we don’t know about about the place.


You didn’t know these companies were owned by celebrities

Celebrities fortunes are always growing and even if their job is full time, every effort is worth it to make the amount of money a little bigger every day, all of us can envy those bank acound. They are not only successful but also are very smart and try to take advantage of their financial income, […]


Her photos seem to be straight out of fairy tales. They are beautiful!

Photography has been changing through time and more people are trying to look for their own style and create amazing images we can’t stop looking. Through the images, photographers can tell some stories and even take us to a fairy tale and that is what Bella Kotak did, a photographer from London, England. This photographer […]


This is how children monster doodles look when a professional artist recreates them

Since we are little kids we start to develop skills and talents, drawing can be one of them. Watching drawings we did when we were kids can be embarrassing for anyone but these professional artist decide recreate and change each drawing, making every details interesting to make the children follow their dream and become more […]


They auditioned for superhero roles and you never imagined!

For many reasons we got obsessed with movies about superheroes and before watching these movies we first knew them through comics, and if watching these stories on cinema makes us feel really excited, imagine how incredible would be playing the role of a superhero. When it is about castings for these kind of roles is […]