Mundo - Awesome stories - Part 5

Attention Foodies! Here is the BEST street food around the world

How many times you found yourself walking on the street just wondering what could you eat? I mean, this happens all the time but when we are traveling the search gets even more difficult.


Amazing Jobs you can get around the world

You need to have a type of personality to cope with a non-fully stable job. This is because some people are used to working in an office and changing their work area can be quite disturbing. Here, we are sharing jobs you can do from anywhere you want to.


The craziest Lady Gaga outfits

When we think of crazy outfits the first thing that comes to our minds is Lady Gaga. She is the number one fashionista in all the industry. Her outrageous dressing ways gave the media a lot to talk about. The cool thing is that she is not a fashion designer she is very talented singer […]


Kitchen useless gadgets we all secretly love to own

We all know there are some weird things that we love to have in the kitchen and don’t know why. Although we already know they are useless, we love to keep buying them. Here, we are going to share some of the most useless kitchen gadgets in the world.


Items you cannot stop buying if you are having a baby

Perhaps, seeing it from the outside it can seem that mommies only need a stroller and some diapers. However, there are lots of things you must have if you are having a baby! Hope these little tips helps you!


These cool makeup tricks will help you achieve the perfect look

All the girls love to put some make up for a girl’s night out, when it comes to dating or even to go to work. However, we must keep in mind that it is supposed to make yourself prettier not to be something else you are not with it.


True love: celebrities that have found their significant others out of the limelight

We, celebrity fans, tend to think that it would be impossible to go out with someone we admire too much. However, let me tell you that there are more of these couples than you think.


Celebrities that have launched their own fashion line

There are lots of celebrities that start being famous or entering to the industry because of their singing attributes or some others start modeling or acting. However, we know that every girl has a special love for fashion and shoes and high fashion bags. Therefore, almost all of them invert some money in starting their […]


These places are the restaurants Celebrities prefer all over the world

Celebs have a list of places they usually go like we do too. We can even bump into any of them if we happen to go to some of these places. Here we are going to share all the celebrities favorite places to go have tea, lunch or even dinner with their beloved ones.