Mundo - Awesome stories - Part 3

The Most Viral And Interesting News Stories Around The World


Celebrity babies born in 2018

These are some of the babies that have been born or will be born in 2018, and their parents are really excited sharing their pictures and their names on the social media.


Tribute to David Bowie takes over New York subway station

At the subway station in New York, is being the place to play tribute to David Bowie with many portraits, quotes to remember this amazing artist and his music. This happened because of Spotify, where the artist has about 1000 million of followers and perople who listen to his songs.


Dining manners around the world

These are some of the things that you must know if you are visiting one of these countries and be careful of the way you eat. It is really good to know these things so we don’t feel awkward while traveling. It’s time to learn a little about this costums you might didn’t know nothing about. You can be sure that if you go to that place and you do these things you will be respecting their manners.


Photographer turns normal pictures into fairytales

This photographer has no limits when it is about imagination and she can turn her normal photos to magical scenes, all the photos were taken on the backyard of her house, loooking as if it was a movie or a fairy tale. Her style is so unique and elegant that every image seems to be real, as if it was possible.


Creative and unusual mailbox designs

People are very creative and this is how they designed their own mailboxes and they show us that there are different and funny shapes, when you get to see every mailbox you won’t know what to do, if you just want to watch it or going to check out if there’s anything for you. Every single one of these have different personalities and are completely different to each other.


Celebrities and their non-famous siblings

They are surprising us with photos that they share being next to their siblings and they prefer stay away from the cameras and lights, that’s why we are really sure that you would not recognize them walking down the streets, even if we stay watching them for a while because they look alike to their siblings.


Worst original names of popular bands

These are some of the famous bands that decided to change their names, forgetting about the old one that they used to be called, well these old names weren’t that good as they thought. This is how they used to be called before being succesful. Choosing a name because everyone must recognize you and these celebritites knew it.


Head Coaches salaries in FIFA World Cup 2018

Over many years, World Cup’s qualification has evolved, from having no qualification at all in 1930, when the tournament was invitational and only 13 temas entered, to the current two-year process. Some coaches have expereince training different teams but there are other that are going to be doing their debut on FIFA World Cup.


Everything you need to know about the royal wedding

On May 19 will be the wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, for many people this  is the wedding of the year, and many people from around the world will be ready to follow all the ceremony from world wide. Windsor Castle will be the scenario of this wedding and will be happening at 12 pm at local time.