Mundo - Awesome stories - Part 3

Most incredible hotels in the world!

A big percentage of our trip is the place where we stay. It’s not the same staying in one of the most incredible hotels in the world to renting an apartment. Here we are sharing some of the most amazing hotels in the whole world. Check them out!


Amazing Nail Art From All Over The World

It’s not only the color but it’s shape and its length which meters to this people. Is awesome how much variety these can have. Here we are going to share 20 beautiful nail art works.


The Most Interesting Wedding traditions around the World

When you think of a girl’s most important day in her whole life, you automatically think of two different things: the day she becomes a mother of her wedding day. Here, we are going to show you different wedding traditions from different countries. Check them out!


Surprising twin stories who were separated at birth!

These cases seem taken from a soap opera and will surely move you, they will leave you wondering whether they are true or not! These are some stories of separated twins at birth and managed to reunite years later.


The Coolest Halloween Celebrity Costumes

Here we are going to share some of the coolest Halloween outfits you will ever see worn by celebrities. Some of them can be really creepy so, grab you most favorite teddy bear tight and start scrolling down. Don’t panic!


20 facts you probably didn’t know about dreaming

Mostly, people tend to dream things that are in their subconscious mind. Why do we dream? What happens when we are dreaming?


The Silliest, Most Useless Inventions of All Time

Sometimes people invent useless things. However, we can’t deny we all thought of it at least one time. Here we are going to share some of the silliest inventions of all history.


The most luxurious swimming pools on Earth

Alone, with friends, with your family you can dive in and just have the greatest time of all! Here, we are going to share the most luxurious swimming pools you’ll ever see in your whole life!


These Are the 20 Most Popular Dance Movies Of All Time

There are some movies that just make your feet move by their own. Some of them were not even successful, however, there are some signature songs, moves or phrases we will never forget.