Mundo - Awesome stories - Part 3

Grandma knows best: 20 of the best home remedies you should know about

Here, we are going to share some of the best remedies you probably have at home and didn’t notice. You can start getting used to a certain breakfast routine, for example, that can help your body work better the rest of the day. Check them out!


Surviving heartbreak: 20 tips to move on after a rough breakup

Breakups are sometimes very hard… we need to start thinking of our own good and not letting anyone destroy our whole selves. These helpful tips will help you regain control of your independence and make you feel comfortable on your own. 


Argentine cuisine at its best: the top restaurants in Buenos Aires

Their impressive blend of Mediterranean influences, combined with their unique culturan heritage make their food desired by people all over the world. There is a certain taste that only Argentinian people can reach and that, for the most part, all those who try it, instantly love it.


These are some of the spots you cannot miss when traveling to Brazil

Chill nice breeze that makes it feel like paradise, cheerful music, people dancing and so on… Brazil has many unmissable places you should know about before you visit. Here we showcase some of them.


What to buy if you had a Million Dollars to spend? Here are some ideas

Nothing better than dreaming of being a millionaire and buying anything you wanted to. Money is not the most important thing at all. However, we definitely know it can help us achieving lots of goals that without it, would be almost impossible.


20 tips to sleep better and beat your bad sleeping habits

There are a lot of bad habits we usually have that can be entirely changed to be more rested and more productive. Here, we are sharing some good tips to have more hours of sleep and feel better.


The 20 strangest phobias in the world

Of course you ever heard of someone with a strange phobia to something. It was probably something you would never get as the one scared is your friend. I mean, we all have our own weird things but there are some phobias that I don’t get. They are mostly based in bad experiences when we […]


Attention Foodies! Here is the BEST street food around the world

How many times you found yourself walking on the street just wondering what could you eat? I mean, this happens all the time but when we are traveling the search gets even more difficult.


Amazing Jobs you can get around the world

You need to have a type of personality to cope with a non-fully stable job. This is because some people are used to working in an office and changing their work area can be quite disturbing. Here, we are sharing jobs you can do from anywhere you want to.