The Most Curious Facts about the Dinosaurs


The dinosaurs are some of the biggest mysteries of the world, and it’s just that we all want to know about what happened to them or how there where and lived, that’s why we are about to reveal some crazy about them.

These are the most Exotic pets of Celebrities


Celebrities have always shown that they can have it all and when it comes to choosing they best animal friend they get really creative. From kangaroos to wolves and even tigers, celebs are constantly demonstrating us all the love they have for animals… exotic animals, that is.

Cats Who Immediately Regretted Their Poor Life Choices


Cats are North America’s most common pet; over 30% of households own a cat. If you love them as much as we do, you’ll be thrilled to know about these interesting facts and laugh a bit with these hilarious pics!

Biology Professor Photographs Arctic Whales And His Photos Will Take Your Breath Away


”For me, nature photography is about having fun, telling stories, memorizing my moments and showing the public my fascination of the coastal nature, wildlife, and culture, often from new and different perspectives.” said the amazing Norwegian photographer Audun Rikardsen. Check out his photos!

Stunning Animal Portraits By Ukrainian Photographer Sergey Polyushko


Sergey Polyushko snaps squirrels in the snow while they’re out foraging for nuts, ducks basking on golden sun-tinted waters, or curious cows looking for their own personal close-ups, the photographer, who has over 40k followers on Instagram, has mastered the art of bringing out the very best in each and every subject he chooses.

Starving Homeless Dog Gets Rescued And Taken To Pet-Friendly Restaurants Every Day


Popeye the dog was once a starving stray who used to eat whatever he could find; now the fluffy foodie dines on the best food in town along with his owner Ivy Diep. Don’t miss this lovely post about the fluffiest foodie in the world!

Before-And-After Pics Of Dogs And Their Owners Growing Up Together


Anyone who has owned a dog knows how special the bond between you and your dog can be, especially when you grow up together. Don’t miss this post to enjoy lovely pictures of dogs and their owners!

Funny Dog Pics Before And After A Bath


If you have a puppy, you know how their looks change before and after bath time. They go from soft, fluffy and cute to soaking wet and even cuter! Check out this post about the funniest dogs before and after a bath!

Man Dresses Puppy ‘Son’ in Matching Outfits, It’s Adorable!


Topher Brophy and his dog ‘son’ Rosenberg wear matching outfits and are taking men’s fashion to the next level. “Out personalities are actually more alike than the way we look,” says Tropher. Check out this lovely post!

The Hilarious Photos Of This Dog Go Viral


Roxy the French Mastiff and her owner Nick drive around London every day on his courier service and Roxy has sort of become like a co-worker to him. A picture of the nonchalant mastiff turned out hilarious and quickly went viral. It even started a Photoshop battle!