Mundo - Awesome stories - Part 44

Reasons why a kid needs a pet

Kids love all kinds of pets, sometimes parents don’t think of the benefits or responsibilities involved in owning one. You should definitely read this post if you are deciding whether getting a pet or not.


You won’t stop laughing after seeing these pictures

We dare you not to laugh at these pictures that were taken at the perfect timing, they’re hilarious. Just take a break from whatever you’re doing and have a good time reading this post!


These desserts definitely come from a different galaxy

This Russian pastry chef did not stick to the rules! She let her unique decorating skills take over and made the most amazing desserts ever. Trust us, after reading this post you might consider skipping your diet today!


Get to know the real story behind these pop songs

When we listen to different famous songs, we often ignore the reason why they were written.
Discover the real meaning behind each of the following lyrics!


Studies have finally confirmed that dogs are man’s best friend

Everyone who owns a dog knows they are the best companions, they’ll always be there for us and they genuinely love us without expecting anything in return.


Ways in which dogs make the world a better place

Dogs have been loyal companions to humans for as long as they have existed, their domestication was key to make them worthy of being called “man’s best friend”. They’re good at learning new things and they’re also trained to help humans in many different ways.


Fun and easy games for Baby Showers

Baby Showers are parties meant to celebrate the upcoming birth of a baby, this is a really special event for the future mothers who await the new baby with lots of joy.


32 celebrities who probably traveled in time

Do you believe in time traveling? Do you think you may have a twin lost somewhere in the world? Everything is possible! Check out these celebrities that look like people from the past.


Easy tricks to teach your dog

Have you always wanted to teach your dog tricks? It’s not as hard as it seems. With these ten tricks for your canine friend, you could start surprising your family and friends with his new skills.