Mundo - Awesome stories - Part 44

18 Amazing Photos of Actors with their Identical Stunt Doubles

There are few actors who decide not to use doubles while filming a movie, but sometimes, even if they do not want to, the production forces them due to the difficulty of the scenes that are filmed.


18 Awesome Photos of Heroes and Villains Together

We all know that to create a good story, you need to include both heroes and villains. It wouldn’t make any sense to develop a script in which the characters are all good or all evil. The fight between good and evil is precisely the magic that make the series or movies so awesome.


17 people with incredibly beautiful eyes

The eyes are an essential part of the life of any human being. It is one of the senses that can capture our environment. Humans have always felt attracted to the eyes due to the different shapes and colors.


15 Incredible Photos That Show That The World Is Completely Contaminated

15 Incredible Photos That Show That The World Is Completely Contaminated In the world, everybody talks about politics, violence, wars, but few people talk about what could eventually disappear, humanity.


13 Babies That Look Like a Celebrity

Babies are adorable. That is just a fact. And sometimes, they are not only adorable just because they are babies, but because they have something extra that makes extra cute. Take these babies, for example… these babies are extra cute because they are ridiculously simlar to celebrities. It’s like if they are their number one […]


10 Actors Who Never Should Have Made Superhero Films

All the actors on these list are very talented… but not exactly action-hero material. Here is a list of actors that should have stuck to other movies instead of becoming superheroes. Do you agree or not?