These are the 20 weird and fascinating hotel rooms in the world

When most think of a hotel or hotel room, they probably think of the average room with white walls, chairs, tables, and a set of beds and so on. However, the hotel images below take away all those mundane characteristics of the typical hotel. Some of them look cool while others look straight up weird. Here are some hotel rooms that many have never seen before.


21 reasons you should be nice to your dog

Dogs are the best kind of friend you can have. There are plenty of great reasons for having a dog at home, and they can have a profound impact on everything from your health (both mental and physical) to your social life (dog lovers unite!).


This is what we would see if the planets were as close as the Moon

The universe is an extraordinary site that may offer images of unique beauty. Unfortunately, we are tiny creatures who hardly we can explore all those beauties offered outer space.


12 frightening ocean creatures

Deep below the surface of the oceans; places that few humans ever go, live some of the most frightening creatures on Earth. This list compiles the strange and the rare; the dangerous and the harmless. One thing they all have in common though; they appear nothing like what we picture in our mind when thinking of oceanic animals and everything we might picture in a nightmare. Take a look at the 12 creatures listed below and see for yourself!


The ancient art of trees. A woman spends 14 years photographing the oldest trees in the world.

Ancient trees are pure artwork in and of themselves. Just ask famed photographer Beth Moon, who through her work, has managed to capture and preserve some of the most intriguing trees of all time. To have the privilege of witnessing these divine creatures up close and personal must feel just short of sensational. Though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the majestic view of these ancient trees from all over the world are sure to inspire awe in the viewer.


26 Pictures that will change the way you think of the universe

When you are looking at your place on planet Earth, you might think that you have quite a niche carved out for yourself. There are many ways to look at how much expanse we have on this Earth. It would be impossible to see everything, but we live in a universe that is filled with things that you cannot possibly imagine unless you look at the pictures yourself.


These super cool Daddy-Os are parenting right!

Father figures are very important to children. Often times they bring fun and enjoyment into their lives and make them smile. Dads can often be big children at heart which is what kids need sometimes. These dads are doing parenting the right way, fun and laughs.


21 Drivers who received a visit from karma

We’ve all seen it. Some drivers think they’re entitled to park however they want. Whether it’s because they think they’re cars are better than everyone else’s or they just think they’re better than anyone, these annoying people feel like they’re above the rules. Sometimes, other people take it upon themselves to let those people know just how unappreciated they are.