Mundo - Awesome stories - Part 43

Basketball Fans, Here Are Hands Down The Best Point Guards of All Time!

Many players have trained hard to be in the position, but only a few have really stood out. Here are the top ten point guards in the game of basketball -not merely on a yearly basis- but of all time.


Things to do now to make life better when you reach 50!

You have to come up with a set of rules and a TO DO list to ensure you have a better future


These actors got so into their roles that it changed their lives

We present the story of several actors who decided to get so into in their roles on a film that made thousands of changes in their personal lives. Who are they?


Dogs, not only men’s best friend but also of every specie in the world

Throughout their lives, dogs become very important for humans, but also they’re for other animals.


These animals are responsible for taking care of others

These photos will show some beautiful animals that are responsible for the care of other beings of different species, and they really take care of them with love. Don’t miss this.


Actors who almost die on set

There are actors who put heart and soul playing a role, no matter if they have to risk their lives with dangerous scenes. Do you know who they are?


The truth behind magic tricks has been revealed!

If you still get surprised with popular magic tricks, this list will reveal the whole truth behind each one of them. I’m not going to see the same way a magic show ever!


Amazing Lotus flower tattoo designs

Are you looking for ideas for your Lotus flower tattoo? Check all these amazing designs and find your new tattoo today!


His ex-wife took everything, but left him the most important

This man´s ex-wife left and took everything from the apartment: furniture, photographs, pictures and other things. She left behind was this cute bull terrier named Jimmy Choo. Check out how he used this to become an artist!