The ancient art of trees. A woman spends 14 years photographing the oldest trees in the world.

Ancient trees are pure artwork in and of themselves. Just ask famed photographer Beth Moon, who through her work, has managed to capture and preserve some of the most intriguing trees of all time. To have the privilege of witnessing these divine creatures up close and personal must feel just short of sensational. Though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the majestic view of these ancient trees from all over the world are sure to inspire awe in the viewer.

This ancient beauty is coined The Heart of the Dragon and is specific to Socotra, Yemen. These endangered trees were once part of a thriving forest, but today, only a few remain. These plants can live well over 400 years and have been known to weather some of the worst conditions. Over the years, the trees limbs elevated to absorb moisture from its environment, which can be attributed to its trademark look.

The Avenue of the Baobabs brings distinct beauty and charm to the Island of Madagascar with its graceful form and appearance. These trees sprout up to 98 feet tall and are exclusive to Madagascar.