People’s interaction dynamics have changed abruptly during the last few years, and the pandemic further accentuated the need to stay connected with like-minded individuals to overcome our barriers. But in a world full of overwhelmed social media groups crowded by pointless discussions and random members in the room, how can you find that place where you belong?

That’s the main reason why people are participating in online communities hosted on all kinds of platforms, to stay in touch with those who are struggling with the same things in a safe place where everyone works towards the common good. However, it may not be as simple as it seems with thousands of online communities to join out there.

How can you find the perfect group that suits your needs and will support you through all the stages of your personal and professional growth? That’s the reason why Unita even exists. To connect you with the communities you belong to, aiding your search to ensure you’ll find a place in the world to enhance and thrive, no matter what your challenges and goals are.

At Unita, we are building an extensive repository of communities from all over the world to help you find that tribe that’s waiting for you to join. People are taking advantage of our site to navigate within plenty of peer groups of all sizes and engagement dynamics, using our research to discover exciting communities to join, both free and paid, virtual and in-person.

Don’t you know where to start looking? Check out our most visited categories and find the perfect niche to expand your networking opportunities in a welcoming peer group:


If you’re looking for a place to share your struggles, stay accountable, and grow, find mastermind online groups to boost your outcomes without limits. Discover our top virtual communities to enhance your career:

  1. Lunadio: A small group of early-stage founders who exchange feedback to support product launches.
  2. MicroConf: Gathers indie founders and bootstrappers who built, launched, or are growing their startups without venture funding.
  3. MastermindJam: They host mastermind groups for 3-6 like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners who meet regularly to share progress and give feedback.


Finding your virtual hub can be great to stay motivated at work and receive support from members 24/7. There are a lot of Discord communities and Slack channels to stay updated with the latest industry news and don’t miss any community event. Here are some of our favorites network communities to join:


  1. Service Design Club: It’s a free Discord community with over 3300 members from different parts of the world. They organize virtual meetups and learning activities for UX and service designers.
  2. Zinklean: They have a collaborative community for entrepreneurs hosted on Discord. In the online group, members join in expert-led talks and meetings to bond with the group and go deep in conversation. There are channels categorized by industry to focus on what matters for your business.
  3. We Work Remotely: It’s a large worldwide community for remote workers that connects talents with employers seeking to expand their staff. They have a free Slack group to support workers on their job search and exchange resources.


Gamers from all over the world are joining gaming groups to play in teams and support each other. Some communities also are using games as a learning strategy to encourage learn-by-playing programs. Check out the top communities to improve your skills and have fun in the process:

  1. Legionfarm: They built a paid community for gamers, connecting Pro players on Warzone and Apex to other gamers looking for coaching sessions to improve their games. What makes them special is their goal-setting approach, encouraging members to establish clear goals before playing. It’s a community where you can play with other passionate gamers in a supportive space.
  2. Hack Club: It’s a nonprofit network for high school and college students interested in learning how to code. They host in-person and online events where teens meet to build amazing games in communities. It’s a space to improve your coding skills and have fun playing with your creations!


Having a place to connect with people working in your field is extremely important to discover new collaboration opportunities. Professionals are participating in marketing groups to expand their networks and stay in touch with world-class marketers. We’ve listed some of the most exciting online marketing groups to join in 2021:

  1. Growth Hackers: They host a global community for business growth professionals. The platform allows you to create a personalized network around the right people. Members engage in virtual conferences and events to exchange industry insights.
  2. Online Geniuses: It’s a large community running on Slack. With more than 25,000 community members, you’ll find a place to discuss SEO, analytics, social media, and marketing without limits.

To find out more details about each community or if you want to find communities from other categories, you can check it here.