While there are restaurants of types and prices, there will always be places that are over the top, and catered for the most exclusive clients. Regardless of their cuisine, or even if this cuisine is good or not, these restaurants feature unique dishes at also unique prices, leaving you with your mouth open. Why are these dishes so expensive? A lot of times it has to do with their exclusive ingredients, which by themselves are pricey. Other times, chefs just coat everything with edible gold and rack up the price. Regardless of the reason, eating one of this meals will get you into an exclusive list.

If you’ve ever complained about paying $50 for a meal, you won’t believe how much a meal cost in these restaurants, not only the luxury food is incredible but also their futuristic settings are out of this era. If you are feeling eccentric enough to try any of these meals and have some extra $$$ you’d like to feast on, here is a list of the world’s most expensive meals.