Low-budget movies are often films that debut on TV and rarely make it to theaters. Some amateur directors take part in low budget movies to launch their career and prove themselves. Many of the low-budget movies are horror films. This genre is popular for not spending. People who like horror films are more focused on what the movie will make them feel instead of expecting famous stars. So director have the chance to cut the budget on this area.

Sometimes these movies are featured on theaters like The Blair Witch Project. This movie was a MAJOR success. It’s budget was around $60000 but grossed almost $240 million worldwide. Another good example is El Mariachi, directed by Robert Rodriguez, on a $7000 budget. The film was so low cost that the director could not afford second takes. Still it was a success.

These movies are made on millions of dollars less than other contemporary films and have made more money. That is why making and producing films is a gamble. Here are the MOST PROFITABLE low-budget films.