In Hollywood, it’s quite common to have stunt doubles do all those dangerous and risky scenes of most major blockbusters. This is done first to ensure the safety of the main actors and to minimize risks during the production of films, as most stunt actors are qualified and have a lot of experience in dealing with dangerous situations such as fire, explosions, car crashes, shootings, and any other scene that may be harmful to shoot.

While it’s the norm to have a separate, specialized actor do all these risky stunts, there are some major actors who like to tackle these risky scenes by themselves and are (mostly) doing their own stunts. These actors are either a) crazy, b) actually trained to do these stunts or c) all of the above. It may be a headache for their agents and the production teams, but they are very happy making sure everything that is filmed for a blockbuster is their job.

Here is a list of twelve incredible actors who decided to fully commit to their action movies and do all of their own stunts. Are they crazy or are they just too cool? you decide.