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Korean Artist illustrates the amazing simplicity of falling in love

When it is about showing our love to the loved ones, there are many ways to do it, because every single person is totally different and some people do it trhough words, other by many actions or even taking care of the people they love, a simple message could mean more than anything.


Cool things to do in Scandinavia

Here are some cool attractions and things visitors must do while they are visiting Scandinavia.


Celebrities from Scandinavia

Who would have guessed that some of these celebrities were from Scandinavia?


Top Scandinavian Films

We are going to tell you about some movies from Scandinavia. Have you ever watched some of these before?


Amazing secret places most people don’t know about

These are some of the most amazing places that aren’t known around the world, these are known by people who lives near them or even the adventurers who are looking for something really different.


The most creative and genius Desktop Wallpapers

We are going to show you great ideas of some people who have shared their wallpapers and they had great ideas.


Famous artworks that were destroyed by accident

These are some master pieces which are very famous that have been distroyed by humnas in many ilogical ways, including people who wanted to take a selfie with these aertworks.


Wild Transylvania roads, Transfagarasan Highway

These photos were taken to show us how beautfil are these natural scenarios that are hiding the most chanllenging highways that you can only find in this place. We are really sorry Dracula, you are not the only one who makes interesting Transylvania.


Signs and symptoms of a Shopaholic

These signs and symptoms are going to make you know if you are a true shopaholic. Let’s be honest, we all enjoy buying things, even if some of us take it more serious than the others.


Inspiring women series doll collection

86% of moms are worried about the kind of role models their daughters are exposed to and that’s why Barbie continues to showcase examples of inspirational women.