These are the most Exotic pets of Celebrities

Pets are a big important part of our lives: they are like member of our family giving us unconditional love without asking anything back. Usually regular folks like you and I have pets like dogs, cats and sometimes even reptiles or rodents… but this isn’t enough for celebrities. Some Hollywood stars are big animal lovers, and their star status gives them no limits when it comes to get a new pet, which is why there are many Hollywood Stars with really eccentric animals.

Celebrities have always shown that they can have it all and when it comes to choosing they best animal friend they get really creative. From kangaroos to wolves and even tigers, celebs are constantly demonstrating us all the love they have for animals. Check out this list with the oddest pets because you might find your next one… well, only if you have the money and the accessibility to get them.

The curious pet of Salvador DalÍ

The prominent Spanish surrealist painter had a pet that was as eccentric as he was. He had an anteater which was seen many times walking in the streets with the artist, in Paris.

Paris Hilton's weird pet

Paris Hilton's weird pet

The heiress of the Hilton chain hotels has it all, including a Kinkaju (also known as honey bear). She has so many pets the she hired a professional pet care to take care of them, which is actually a very good thing to do.