Mundo - Awesome stories - Part 39

20 rare animals may go extinct and you didn’t know that they exist

There are a few animals in the planet that we’re unaware of their existence and they are about to get extinct.


Adorable small tattoo ideas and designs

Get all the inspiration you need for you first tattoo or if you are looking for some small designs. You will fall in love with each one of these adorable tattoos.


20 cool historical photos you haven’t seen

On a time where good photographs were rare and unique. Check out these amazing photos that you didn’t know existed and will make you think the times we are living are so different.


Delicious vegetarian meals high in protein and low in calories

Check out these delicious meals that can help you with your vegetarian diet, they have all the protein you need without meat and are just 400 calories or lower.


DYI: The Best Star Wars Birthday Party Ever

Are you looking for some DIY inspiration to throw the best Star Wars themed party ever? These creative ideas will blow your mind!


10 awesome animals that can clone

If you thought cloning was impossible these animals will prove you wrong. Check out this 10 amazing animals that can use cloning to reproduce


10 Cute animals that you probably didn’t know exist

There are a lot of baby animals that seem cute and fluffy, however there are some other that are perfectly cute and you may not know about.


20 plants that can become in your worst nightmare if you get to use them

There are some plants that might seem harmless but they are everything except from that, in the list below you’ll find which plants are the ones that you should get off from.


20 Odd inventions made on the 20th century

People want to be famous, however you will be famous just when your invention has created something that someelse can benefit from and help the comunity.