Mundo - Awesome stories - Part 39

How to live each day to the fullest

Controlling the negativity that surrounds us is not an easy task, but we can learn how to keep a balanced life, full of positivity and peacefulness. In this post, we’ll share with you some really interesting facts about how to live each day to the fullest.


Historic monuments and the mystery behind them

The world is full of historical monuments that hide many secrets. The civilizations who built them were really skilled architects because these monuments have survived hundreds of years! In this post, we’ll share with you the mystery behind these historic monuments.


Hilarious pictures of pets that look like their owners

Some people say that pets often look like their owners; in this post, you’ll find some very interesting and funny pictures by photographer Sebastian Magnani, whose photo series named “Underdogs” became quite famous.


Bolivia and its amazing architecture

These buildings have up to seven floors; the walls are painted with fluorescent colors and some of them even have their own ballroom. These are the new iconic buildings which represent the Andean culture.


Beautiful Plus-Size models

These beautiful models are revolutionizing the fashion industry, their curvy bodies have conquered the runways and they are proving everyone that beautiful bodies come in all shapes and sizes.


Ridiculous paintings sold for millions

Rich people spend their money on luxurious mansions, cars, or jewelry, but others prefer to buy the most bizarre paintings which cost millions. Here’s a list of the most ridiculous paintings sold for millions.


The most incredible collections ever

Many people are obsessed with the most bizarre objects, so they start collecting anything related to them. Some of these collections include dog collars, Barbies, inflatable dolls or rubber duckies. We’ll share with you the most incredible collections ever!


Discover the most expensive construction projects in the world

The most amazing architectural projects such as artificial islands or space stations require tons of money and time to build them. We have made a list of the most expensive construction projects ever built.